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Myrea Pettit

The beautiful fairy artwork of Myrea Pettit is included in the new book The Art of Faery with foreword by Brian Froud
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Copyright © 2002  Myrea Pettit
Myrea Pettit.
Fascinated from her earliest memories of the world of fairies, of wondrous stories of my childhood, she tended not to over read books but be enchanted by the wonderful illustrations of Margaret Tarrant, Cicely Mary Barker, Rene Cloke and Arthur Rackham.

She spent so many of our childhood hours when not doing our schoolwork, and every weekend, drawing and painting or colouring.

Born in 1970, her interests centre around classical music, conservation of the environment and wildlife.

She travels extensively throughout Europe in her quest to search for the hideaways of the little people and their friends.

"My fairy drawings are my own inspiration, either created for poetry or storybooks or to inspire the imagination of children and adults. Subjects chosen have been selected to be used in magazines, on limited edition plates and fine china, place-mats, wall paper and other decorative products."

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All pictures on this page are Copyright© 2002 Myrea Pettit.
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Copyright © 2002  Myrea Pettit Copyright © 2002  Myrea Pettit Copyright © 2002  Myrea Pettit
Copyright © 2002  Myrea Pettit Copyright © 2002  Myrea Pettit Copyright © 2002  Myrea Pettit

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