Fairy Pictures

James Browne
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Copyright © 2002  James Browne

Each fairy has, so they say,
A pointed ear on which they lay,
To hear what roots of trees might say.
The roots feel deep, and know it's true,
When we approach, the me and you.
The Fairies realm, is for a few

But you will know when elves invite
Your chance to see the fairy sight
For those who search for fairy ground
With good intention just and sound
Do not disturb this little place
Just look at the magic of their face
Their pointed ears and wings of lace
The fairies live quietly secure
Amongst themselves, in a World that's pure.
They know your mind, it won't deceive
A fairy if you don't believe!

Joannda Riche
Copyright©2002 Joannda Riche

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