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Pictures of Fairies

We are proud to be able to feature on our web site, drawings and illustrations by some of the top faery artists in the world. With their permission we are able to display just a small selection of their interpretation of fairy art. More Fairy and Fantasy Art Galleries can be seen here.

The following artists have kindly allowed us to feature a selection of their art for this web site.

Amy Brown

Amy Brown, fantasy artist from the USA.

Copyright© 2002 Amy Brown

James Brown

James Browne, USA faery and pixie artist.

Copyright© 2002 James Browne

Myrea Pettit

Myrea Pettit, UK illustrator of fairies, flowers and butterflies.

Copyright© 2002 Myrea pettit

Natalia Pierandrei

Natalia Pierandrei, original faery artwork from an Italian artist known to her friends as "nati".

Copyright© 2002 Natalia Pierandrei

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